Code of Conduct

Athletes –  Guidelines

  • Athletes should remember that they are representing Cornwall Schools Athletic Association, their school and their parents. As good ambassadors you will be asked to act with integrity, dignity and within the spirit of good sportsmanship at all times both in and out of any competition.
  • Athletes will be expected to behave in an appropriate manner whilst involved in any County Representative trip. This applies at all times whether on the coach or minibus travel, at the venue and especially when overnight accommodation is involved.
  • Any athlete involved in making negative comments concerning Cornwall Schools representatives on social media sites may well jeopardise future CSAA selection.
  • Any foolish behaviour on such away trips, particularly disturbing other athletes or team managers during an overnight stay might jeopardise your chance of being selected to represent Cornwall in the future.
  • Athletes should show respect to Team Managers, Officials, Coaches, Chaperones and other athletes whether they are part of your team or part of another team. Their decision should be accepted and if anyone has an issue with a decision made inform the secretary.
  • The host county and all their staff, volunteers, spectators and local business personnel should be treated with up most respect.
  • All athletes on arrival at a venue must remain with the other team members. If you with to leave the boundaries of the venue, seek permission first prior to leaving, from your team manager. This is for your own safety.
  • Athletes should at all times comply with the rulings of Officials and Team Managers. In no way, either by voicing or gesturing in demonstrating their dissatisfaction with the decision made.
  • We all want you to succeed and have fun.

Parents/Guardian –  Guidelines

  • Parents should encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all athletes, coaches and officials at all competitions.
  • Parents should accept absolutely and without quarrel the decision of the Team Managers or Officials. If they consider that there is cause for complaint, they should inform the secretary, not the individual concerned.