Cornwall County Schools Track & Field Championships 2018 – Officials and Timetables

WELCOME to the 66th Cornwall Schools Track and Field Championships.

We wish everyone – athletes, officials and supporters – an enjoyable day’s competition. We particularly wish to thank all the teachers, officials and coaches who have worked hard alongside their athletes to encourage them to participate in the sport of athletics, as well as, St Johns Ambulance for their attendance throughout the day.


County Secretary M. Pearson
Championship Secretary S Scott-Hammond
Announcer S Scott-Hammond/ I Yeomans
Recorder T Cayton-Smith I Yeomans


Track Referee M Sinden
Chief Starters B Penberthy
Starters assistants D Harvey  S Williams
Track Marshall  J Scott
Chief Track Judge M Sinden
Track Results  P Brereton
Track Judges M Sinden  J Howe F Carlyon A Cayton-Smith L Sinden
Chief Timekeeper D Burrows
Timekeepers D Burrows C Pengelley J Hector,  A Yeomans, P Wright
Relay Judges 1st Change: Discus Judges
2nd Change: Javelin Judges
3rd Change: Shot Judges


Chief Field Judge D Varney  & M.Watkins.
High Jump  R Hill Penrice STAFF Penrice and Mullion STAFF
Long Jump D.Varney Penair STAFF  Penryn STAFF
Triple Jump/Pole Vault J Graham R Lander  STAFF  Treviglas STAFF
Discus & Hammer Throw M Watkins  Helston STAFF Pool STAFF
Shot Putt M Pearson Bodmin STAFF, Callington School  STAFF
Javelin C Murton  St Ives, STAFF   Truro High, STAFF
Results and Certificates S Scott-Hammond  T Cayton-Smith  N Rawson


Numbers to be pinned in all four corners on front and back (except High Jump where only one need be displayed). Staff to ensure each athlete has 8 safety pins. The first three in each final must collect certificates, 30 minutes after the event has finished.
The track and central grass area is only to be used by officials, and athletes whilst competing.Starting blocks may only be used in all senior events and in the finals, not in heats for other age groups.
If an athlete’s field and track events clash, the track event takes priority, but the athlete must first report to the relevant field event.

Timetables can be downloaded here: