Cornwall County Schools Track & Field Championships 2018 – Report & Results

Sam Soars To New Heights.

Sam Brereton (Wadebridge) was the star performer at the 66th Cornwall Schools Athletics Championships on Saturday at Par Track. His jump of 2.01 m in the Inter Boys high jump erased a 25 year old record.

Pleasing too was to see a resurgence of sprint performances. Senior girl Hannah Smith (Truro & Pen Coll) & Kaya Cairney (Truro & Pen. Coll) both won 100 m with English Schools entry standard performances. These were joined by Charlie Sharp (Pool) in the Inter Boys 200 m and no less than 3 junior boys doing entry standard Micho Tao (H.Davy), & Harry Gurr (Penryn) in both the 10m & 200m & Henry Curtis (Saltash) in the 80 m hurdles.

There were three other performances that achieved entry standard Aaron Worgan (R.Lander) in the Inter Boys discus, Lucy Allen (Helston) in the Junior Girls pole vault & Grace Brock ( Truro & Pen Coll) in the Senior Girls 1500 m.

There were a further thirty-plus County Standard performances with a team of 41 athletes selected to represent Cornwall at The SW Schools Athletic Championships at Exeter next Saturday.

Individual Winners.

Junior Girls. 100m T.Carpenter (Truro)13.2. 200m F.Bonell (H.Davy) 27.9 300m & 75m Hurd C.Keaney (Penair) 45.9 /13.3 800m C.Lister (Penair) 2.26.0. 1500m M.Luke (R.Land) 5.04.2 H.Jump T.Carpenter 1.42 L.Jump Z.Mitchell (Penryn) 5.04 P.Vault L.Hughes (Helston) 2.95 Shot K.Jeffery (Truro High) 9.58 Discus & Javelin M.Yoki (Truro) 28.04 /33.78.

Junior Boys. 100M M.Tao (H.Davy) 11.7 (11.6ht) 200m M.Tao 24.1 (24.0 ht.) 300m J.Commons (Treth) 41.0 800m K.Gordon-Dunn (Penryn) 2.17 1500m I.Murray (Truro) 4.41.7 80m Hurd .H.Curtis (Saltash)12.0 J.Jump K.Crockford (Penryn) 1.47 L.Jump J.Nancarrow (Penrice) 5.19 T.Jump E.Sanders (Bodmin) 10.37 Shot & Javelin H.Tomlin (Launc) 10.86/40.54 Discus D.Lee (Penrice) 27.23

Intermediate Girls. 100m/200m T.James ( Call)13.2/27.3 800m R.Coatsworth (M.Bay) 2.36.7 1500m E.Burt (Treth) 5.16.7 80m Hurd J.White (Truro High) 16.4 1500m S/Chase T.McDowell (Call) 5.53.7 L.Jump R.Coatsworth 4.37 Shot & Discus E.Roberts (Truro High) 10.48/19.42 Javelin K.Riley (Helston) 29.74

Intermediate Boys. 100m C.Sharp (Pool) 11.9 200m J.Armytage (Penryn) 24.1 400m H.Jenkin (Helston) 54.3 800m B.Mclellan (Treth) 2.11.4 1500m H.Mier (Truro) 4.15.4 3000m E.Mitchell (Penryn) 9.30.4 H.Jump S.Brereton (Wade) 2.01 CR P.Vault B.Parker (R.Lander) 3.40 L.Jump S.Jose (Pencal) T20 5.13 T.Jump S.Poole (Helston) 11.25 Shot J.Crockford (Penryn) 9.85 Discus A.Worgan (R.Lander) 42.27 Javelin O.Old (Treth) 32.78

Senior Girls. 100m/200m H.Smith (Truro & Pen Coll) 12.4/25.6 800m & 1500m S/Chase T.Earnshaw (Helston) 2.39.2/ 6.13.7 1500m G.Brock (Truro &Pen Coll) 4.33.0 3000m O.Carthew (Bodmin) 12.45.3 400m Hurd M.Mather (Torpoint) 67.3 P.Vault T.Kearney (Truro &Pen Coll) 2.70 T.Jump L.Riley (Helston) 9.65 Shot & Hammer L.Henn (Truro & Pen Coll) 9.29/31.81 Discus E.Tomlin (Launc) 28.10 Javelin D.Rawson (Treth) 32.62

Senior Boys. 100m/200m K.Cairney (Truro & Pen Coll) 11.1/22.7 400m/200m S.Chase L.Hopper (Truro & Pen Coll) 56.5/7.13.7 800m L.Cotterill (Treth) 2.03.1 1500m A.McCartney (Truro) 4.29.9 3000m F.Birnie (Truro) 8.57.3 Discus M.Collinge (Bodmin) 23.79 Javelin C.Drew (Corn Coll) 45.61

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